Yeast Extracts

2D Enriched Yeast Extracts

Some of our products work better with other ingredients, e.g. vitamins. They are explained in the direction of the labels.

Water Moves Mountains

That is how we believe in 2D Yeast Extracts can do and it doesn’t take eons.

Join our upcoming monthly subscription program will be the surest way to maintain your ongoing healthy lifestyle.

Made in an Organic Process instead of Synthetic

Our patented production method ensures the best quality and maintaining the stability of 5+ year shelf life.

A big scoop is about 0.5 grams – one serving.  


It costs more than other products. But, do you feel anything taking or not taking regular vitamins.

Best Solutions

2D oral and external products are designed differently to be absorbed by digesting system or skins.


2DHeal is simply a domain name. We do not claim healing power. We celebrate healthy lives.

Available Selections

Most 2D products looked similar in powder forms.

Yet, they contain very different yeast proteins for different purposes.

Formulas for Everyone

You can usually find a good formula that fits you.

Also, the great news is that all ingredients exist in nature.  That’s the reason why there is no overdosing or side effect concerns when consuming our protein products.

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What you don’t know could hurt you.

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